Why are correctly matched pool pump speeds so important?

The speed of your main pool pump dictates the speed of water flow through your pool’s pipework and pool equipment such as your filter. Getting the water flow rate right is a huge factor in how much your equipment costs to run, as well as how good a job it does keeping the pool clean, and how long the gear will last.

Many people don’t realise that their filter works better when water passes through it slowly. More dirt, and smaller particles of dirt get captured by the filer at slower flow rates. The pressure in the filter is also lower at slower flow rates, so parts don’t break or wear out as fast and your gear lasts longer.

Most significantly though, the energy consumption of the pump is dramatically lower at slower flow rates, and the pump is the energy hungry heart of your pool system. Due to a multiplier effect known as the Pump Affinity Law, even small reductions in flow multiply out to large reductions in energy use and cost.

Why are so many pumps run at the wrong speed for so much of the time?

There’s a couple of pool jobs that need a fast running pump and fast flow rates. Backwashing a filter for example requires faster pump speeds and water flow rates. To lift the sand, and flush out the dirt in the filter to your waste pipe. Jobs requiring fast speeds like backwashing, take a few minutes and are done once every few weeks – less than 1% of the time the pump is running.

For the remaining 99% of the time the pump is being used for everyday jobs like filtering the pool water, skimming the surface water, running a salt-cell chlorinator and so on. Everyday jobs like this work better at slower flow rates; your filter cleans better, your pump is under less stress, you lose much less energy, and so on.

But, most Aussie pool pumps only have one speed… top speed, flat out. So, most of the time, the pump’s stuck doing the equivalent of about 150km per hour in a 60km zone and it can’t be slowed down – even though slower is a smarter way to operate 99% of the time.

Why hasn't the conventional pool industry set people up with variable speeds before now?

If a pool was built more than ten years ago, neither the pool owner, nor the pool builder were focused on skyrocketing electricity prices or climate change - these are relatively new concerns. A single speed pump was cheaper up-front and the high ongoing running costs you pay were conveniently hidden and left unmentioned.

Then, when it came time to replace a worn out or broken pump it’s easy for the conventional pool pro to drop-in a like-for-like single speed replacement pump. Then, there’s no cutting or gluing of pipework, no need to re-calculate your pool’s pressure and flow requirements etc. Once again, the high ongoing running costs you pay are conveniently hidden and left unmentioned.

The conventional pool industry is reluctant to mention or admit the high costs of maintaining a pool. It’s not a subject that encourages people to build or buy pools. The only solutions most conventional pool players offer to help people migrate from single speed to variable pumping are expensive and impractical. As a result, only a small portion of pool owners have grasped these benefits.

How does adopting variable speed pumping compare to other pool care cost saving options?

First, matching flow rates and otpimising pump run times is the best way to make big savings on your pool upkeep costs. Second, solutions that allow you to achieve this today, without throwing away your existing single speed pump, are usually the most cost effective and easiest way to grasp these big savings.

Offering you the ability to easily and quickly grasp these savings is one of the things that makes Simply Better different from the conventional pool industry. It is achievable for over 90% of pool owners who already have a single speed pump but they just don't offer you this option. In the rare or unusual cases where replacing your existing pump is necessary or optimal we have equal capacity and enthusiasm to help you in this way also.

There are other ways to save of course, but none that deliver such big savings to so many pool owners. Nor are there other options that deliver big savings with such modest up-front investment and quick payback. Plus, with flow matching there's the absence of extra pool care workload and lifestyle compromises.

If you're considering some of the popular recommendations we see promoted in the market place, like changing your pool lights over to LED for example we encourage you to call us on 1300 914 279. We'll happily help you answer the key questions that determine if these ideas will work for you.

How does the Simply Better offer differ from what my conventional pool pro or pool shop offers?

If you ask your local pool shop how you can lower your pool maintenance costs they often don’t have any practical or cost-effective answers. Suppose you’re lucky enough to be aware of the benefits of variable and correctly matched pump speeds and you ask about it?

The conventional pool shop will probably offer you an expensive new pump with variable speed controls built in. This is an expensive and impractical option. Here’s why.

With the Simply Better plug-and-play, add-on speed controller:

  • You don’t have to throw out your existing pump.

  • You don’t have to replace your existing pump.

  • You don’t have to cut pipes, glue pipes or touch any pipework.

  • You don’t to find a pool guy, or a plumber or an electrician who’ll install a new pump for you.

  • You don’t have to wait around ½ a day for a pool guy to hopefully turn up when they said they would.

  • You don’t have to clean up after the pool guy when they leave your pool shed in a mess.


  • You simply order our add on controller,

  • Plug it in when it arrives,

  • Press the green, energy saving button,

  • And start saving.

I haven't heard about this before, my pool pro hasn't mentioned it, and its not in the pool shop. How come?

Often, innovation comes from outside the conventional industry not from inside it; Kodak failed to catch the introduction of digital photography and eventually perished; Google is currently winning the race to develop driver-less cars whilst Ford and Toyota play catch-up, and so it goes on.

Simply Better gets energy efficiency in a way that the conventional pool industry doesn’t. Just like Google gets software, the heart of a driver-less car, in a way that Ford doesn’t. Developing innovative ways to help you reduce your electricity bill or carbon pollution just isn’t at the top of your typical pool guys daily to-do list, but it is on ours.

Be aware, the conventional pool industry typically don’t want to start a conversation about the high cost of pool care – it may be important to you but it’s not the kind of conversation that encourages people to build or buy more pools.

As it’s not a good news story for the pool industry the high costs of running your pool pump is something the pool industry is happy not to mention and keep ‘under the radar’. It follows that if they’re not eager to admit that pool running costs are high they’re also not motivated to come up with the best innovations to solve the problem.

What is a "pool pump controller"?

Simply Better’s pool pump controller turns your existing single speed pump into an efficient variable speed pump.

Technically speaking, it’s a variable frequency drive and it optimises the electrical supply to your pump. This allows you to speed up or slow down your pump running speeds. Lower pump running speeds deliver big energy savings and your pool equipment works better at these optimised speeds.

It’s unique in that it’s a plug-and-play device that requires no pool, plumbing or electrical skills to install. Simply plug it in, press the energy saving button and start saving.

The same variable speed principals and technology are used extensively: in homes, office towers, factories, mines and farms; on pool and other pumps, fans, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. Estimates suggest over a million backyard pools in America benefit from variable speed pumping and almost every public or commercial pool is already utilising the technology. It’s been proven to work over many years in many different settings.

Simply Better is merely bringing this technology to Australian backyard pool owners and making it inexpensive and practical in a plug-and-play format that means it’s cost effective and you can start saving now.


Do I need to wait for my existing pool pump to break or wear out to take advantage?

No, with Simply Better you no longer need to wait for your existing pump to break, nor throw a perfectly serviceable pump away in order to start saving from better matched pump speeds. With the Simply Better pump controller you can start saving now, using your existing pump, and at about half the cost of the best alternatives offered by the conventional pool industry.


$750 sounds like a big saving - are you sure? I wouldn't have imagined my pump even cost me that much to run.

Yes, we’re completely confident in our savings estimates and if you want to understand the maths behind the $750 claim please just ask us for the factsheet on 1300 914 279 or info@simplybetterpoolsavings.net.


It’s also important for all pool owners to understand that every pool is different, and every pool owner runs their pool differently. The $750 is a calculation for a typical backyard Aussie pool. It’s a useful guideline but it’s also likely that your pool isn’t typical in at least some respects.

That’s why we take the time to find out about your particular pool and how you run. Then we build a detailed report that explains exactly how much you’ll save with the Simply Better controller at your place, with your pool set-up. We give you this information for free, before you buy anything from us. If you haven’t completed our survey and received a detailed and tailored report yet, click here to get started.

We feel strongly about you getting the important information you need to make an informed decision before you make a purchase. So we have invested in a process that delivers this to you.

50-85% savings sounds good, but I can't bank a percentage. What will the actual dollar savings be at my place?

We provide you with a detailed report before you spend a cent with us. This report details exactly what you will save at your place – in dollars and cents – before you commit. Knowing what you’ll spend and what you’ll save is the basis of an informed purchase decision.


We feel strongly about this and so our service makes this transparent in advance.

How does doe the Simply Better solution compare to other cost saving options - Like LED pool lights?

We stay focused on the big savings opportunities and we don’t get distracted by marketing spin. Yes, an LED pool light is 85% more efficient than a Halogen equivalent, and when your Halogen pool light reaches the end of its useful life and LED replacement might be a smart idea. But for most people, throwing out a working Halogen for an LED replacement will cost you about $320 upfront and only save you $3.40 per year in electricity costs.



Changing flow rates is the single most potent change you can make to deliver the biggest reduction in the pool upkeep costs of an otherwise well-maintained pool.


Adding the Simply Better controller to your existing single speed pool pump is the most cost-effective way to achieve this. It’s mainly because of the lower up-front costs of adding a Simply Better Controller to your existing pump by comparison to replacing it with an entirely new pump with variable speed controls built in. Our controller is about ½ the price of a new pump with variable speed controls built in. Then we add further value and savings by helping you optimise your pool pump run times.

We’ve spent 4 years isolating and refining this solution. We’ve compared it to every other pool cost reduction idea we could find, every other electricity saving idea, and the common other investment options people face. With a typical 29% return on your investment every year for ten years it’s the single most potent money saving idea we know of.


Can I get a demonstration of the Simply Better controller?

We understand why people want a demonstration. You may be wondering: will this work at my place? Can I check it saves what you say it will? If I get to see and handle the device will it build my confidence that it’s well made?

At times we have run in-home demonstrations but this has added too much cost into our process and would make the price of our service less attractive. So instead of a demonstration we offer you the opportunity to buy and take delivery of the device, and if you decide on receiving the device that it’s not for you, send it back and we will refund your money.

If you want to run a trial to confirm exactly how much the device will save you at your place we can send you a factsheet that shows you exactly how to run this trial. It takes less than 10 minutes.

Call (1300 914 279) or email (info@simplybetterpoolsavings.net) and ask for the factsheet titled “DIY verification of Simply Better Pool controller energy savings on my pool”.


How do I know I won't get a green pool? Will my pool water continue to be clean and healthy?

The key thing to manage in order to keep you pool water clean and healthy is to manage its chemical balance. You will need to continue to manage that balance after when you use our speed controller, or a new pump for that matter, just like you did before. In that respect nothing changes and nothing gets harder.

Since the filter will work more effectively at slower rates you can expect the water to have greater clarity and sparkle after the install of the Simply Better controller and if anything, maintaining the right chemical balance will become easier.

Even though less than 10% of Australian pools benefit from variable speed pumping, that still means up to 100,000 backyard pool owners are running variable pump speeds today, and their pools are not going green.


Will I have to run my pump longer each day?

On rare occasions - yes, but overwhelmingly - no. Our savings claims allow for the fact that some pools may have to run their pump for longer, and even these pool owners are still making great savings.

In many cases, people actually reduce the amount of time their pool pump operates as well as running it at lower speeds. Precise and tailored guidelines on how long and when to run your pump are a part of our service and are included in the detailed and tailored written report you receive from us. If you haven’t got this report click here to complete our questionnaire about your pool and get this process started. It’s another way we deliver you bigger savings than the conventional pool industry.

These precise guidelines eliminate any unnecessary over-running, they take advantage of things like your filter working more effectively for each hour it runs at lower speeds. They also ensure your pool water gets turned over in line with the Australian Standards (AS 3633) so you know your pump is running for long enough.


Will this work with my other pool equipment and set-up?

Yes, if you have a single speed pool pump we can help you with your pool. This includes very large and very small pool, salt and conventionally chlorinated pools, pools with media (sand etc.) filters and pools with cartridge filters, pools with or without the various types of auto-cleaners, heaters, spas, water features and so on and so forth.

We’ve helped countless pool owners save with our Simply Better controller when the conventional pool industry said that variable speed pumping wouldn’t work with their setup:

  • Chris from Lane Cove is saving hundreds on his pool costs with our controller after being told that, “variable speed pumping won’t work as you have a pressure auto-cleaner, like a Polaris or Jet Vac brand”

  • Julie from Belrose is thrilled with her Simply Better pool controller, with her now 85% quieter pump and with her lower electricity bills. She’s enjoying this even though she was previously told ““Variable speed pumping won’t work as you have a solar pool water heating”

  • Peter from Chatswood was told that “variable speed pumping won’t work as your pool is so small” but thanks to the Simply Better controller he’s now savings hundreds of dollars every year on the electricity costs of his tiny plunge pool.


Will this harm my other pool equipment or affect its warranty?

No, it won't harm your pump or your other equipment. In fact, at lower flow rates your pump and your other pool equipment operates at lower pressures. Lower speeds inside the pump itself also mean the motor bearings run cooler. Cooler running and lower pressures mean less wear and tear, less gear breakage and longer equipment life times. The warranty on your existing equipment will also not be affected.


Pool equipment like pumps, filters, chlorinators etc. from differing brands and manufacturers have always been installed together without causing problems or having any adverse warranty impacts. Also, Australian Consumer Law demands that all equipment, including your pool equipment, is fit for purpose for a reasonable period of time. It extends lots of other common-sense protections to all Aussie consumers and no company can legally avoid these responsibilities.

If you want more help call us on 1300 914 279 or email us at info@simplybetterpoolsavings.net


Why not wait until my current pump dies and buy a new variable speed pump instead?

Every day, week, month or year you wait, it costs you money. Unfortunately, the longer you wait the more it costs you.

If you don’t invest in the controller today, what else might you do with the $690. Spend it? Invest it? Choosing the controller delivers a typical pool owner $6,920 in positive cash flow over the ten-year life of a typical pump. Using the same amount of money to pay off your mortgage at current rates delivers you only $979. Investing in the stock market will deliver you only about $1,900 (based on average long-term total market returns).

There’s nothing we’re aware of that gives you a stronger or more certain return than investing in the controller.

As for buying a pump with built-in speed controls, it will cost you about twice as much or more than the controller. Yes, if you buy the controller and your existing single speed pump breaks very soon thereafter… you will have spent to buy the controller and a new single speed pump. But together they cost no more than a variable speed pump with built in controls and the separate plug and play controller setup has other advantages. Like:

  • You pump breaks and can’t be fixed. Just unplug the Controller from the old pump and plug it into a new pump. Only replace what you need to, the inexpensive single speed pump. You can’t do that when speed controls are built into a pump – you have to replace both the pump and the controls each time.

  • You move to a new house which also has a pool. Take your controller with you and plug into the pump at your new house and keep saving. Leave the old house with the old single speed pump. You can’t do that with variable speed pumps with built-in controls. That has to be left at the old house and you’ll need to buy another expensive variable speed pump at the new house to keep capturing savings.

  • Your out of warranty single speed pump needs a new capacitor, or the seal is broken – common problems that everyday pump repairers can fix on a single speed for as little as $100. Call a repairer for the same thing on integrated variable speed pumps however and they’re often proving too complicated to repair and need to be replaced entirely.

  • Etc.

My current pump is old and may not last that long. Won't this affect my choice between acting now or waiting? And between the Simply Better controller Vs a new pump?

We understand why pool owners raise this concern as a current pump with an apparently limited life can seem to confuse the decision-making process in the first instance. Usually people find themselves wondering between two choices:

  • Buy the Simply Better Controller today and start saving right away. Then replace my single speed pump when it comes to the end of its useful life and re-plug the controller into that pump to continue saving.

  • Wait, do nothing and continue to run with a single speed pumping set-up for now. Then, when the current single speed pump wears out, replace it with a variable speed pump with built-in speed controls (VSP-BISC)


A more detailed inspection however shows the Simply Better controller remains a better option in almost every case, and this includes the case where the life of the current single speed pump looks limited. Four of the key reasons why the controller almost always remains a better option are:

1) Every day you wait before switching to variable speed pumping ends up costing you money. Even if you decide to switch to variable speed pumping using a VSP-BISC rather than our plug-and-play controller we encourage you to take action and switch today. Don’t wait.

Allowing an existing pump with an apparently limited life to trick you into waiting and not acting today is a costly trap. See the related, “Why not wait until my current pump dies and buy a new variable speed pump instead?” FAQ for more details.

2) Single speed pumps often keep running for a long time, even though they appear today to have a limited life. Two years, three years, five years and longer is not uncommon. The average life of these pumps is ten years.

It may appear today that your existing pump has a limited life and that you’re only going to be delaying action for a short time by waiting for it to wear out – but often you end up delaying for much longer and this delay comes at a big cost.

3) There’s a variety of qualitative reasons a single speed pump with Simply Better’s plug-and-play controller is a better option. Qualitative reasons are those to which we can’t practically calculate and assign a dollar value - but they are still worth considering. See the related FAQ - “Why not wait until my current pump dies and buy a new variable speed pump instead?” for the details of these factors.

4) Adding weight to the qualitative reasons are the pure financial and investment return figures. These dollar and cents figures clearly show the controller to be a better choice in almost every instance.

In summary, if a typical pool owner chooses the Simply Better controller there’s a 98% chance they’ll be better off. How much better off? As much as $6,750 better off over the next ten years by comparison to the VSP-BISC option.

If the same pool owner chooses the alternative VSP-BISC option there’s only a 2% chance they’ll come out ahead. Further, the amount they’ll be ahead is relatively small – between $1 and $160 only.

Essentially you’re choosing between the Controller with a large chance of a big advantage or the VSP-BISC with a small chance of a small advantage.

If you want to explore how we come to these conclusions call (1300 914 279) or email (info@simplybetterpoolsavings.net) us and ask us for our factsheet titled “Less than three months of life on an existing pump.”


What happens if I buy the Simply Better controller and then my pump breaks and needs replacing?

Just un-plug the controller from the old broken pump and plug it back into the new replacement pump to keep saving. The controller works with all single speed pool pumps.

Thanks to the controller's plug-and-play design, you’ll also be able to buy a like-for-like single speed pump and be able to operate it as a variable speed pump. This like-for-like single speed pump will be about half the price of a variable speed with built-in controls but thanks to the controller you'll continue to get all the benefits of variable speed pumping.


What if I buy the Simply Better controller and then decide that I don't like it?

Unplug the controller and send it back to us for a full refund.

How does the controller make my water cleaner?

Slower pump speeds mean slower water flows. Imagine water flowing more slowly through the sand bed of a media filter or more slowly through the filtering screen of a cartridge filter.

Slower water flows allow the filter to pick up more and finer particles of dirt than a fast flow.

So the controller is helping to make your pool water cleaner without the use of any additional chemicals.


How much quieter will my pool pump be?

A lot quieter: 75-80% quieter. Which is good because a typical pool pump running at full speed has the same decibel rating as your alarm clock.

After plugging in the Simply Better pool controller, customers often remark that their pump is so quiet they have been able to get even bigger savings than we estimated by running their pump in the overnight off-peak window, and accessing the cheaper electricity tariff at that time. It only becomes practical now their pump is so much quieter and doesn’t bother them or their neighbours.

How does the controller make my other pool equipment last longer?

Slower pump speeds means slower water flow rates and lower pressures. All these elements reduce the stress, wear and tear on equipment so it will last longer.

Also, equipment like chlorinators, booster pumps, solar pool water heating etc. is almost always downstream from the filter. As the filter is removing more and finer particles of dirt, all this downstream equipment is cleaner and therefore more reliable and longer lasting.


I rent the home I live in - will this work for me?

Yes, the Controller can work for renters too.

You can either ask your landlord to invest in the Controller to lower the electricity costs for you, the tenant. This benefits to the landlord include having happier tenants, less tenant turnover, a more lettable property, longer pool equipment lifetimes, more reliable pool equipment and less irritating pool equipment breakdowns.

Or, you can invest in the controller yourself. In the event you leave the property and move to another place with a pool you can simply unplug the controller, take it with you to your new place, plug it into the pool pump at your new home and continue saving.


I live in an apartment and the pool is the common property of all the units in the block - should we get the controller?

Yes, you should get the controller. Although you will likely have to get the approval of the buildings strata committee and they will buy the device on behalf of all the owners in the building.


How easy is the controller to set-up? What support will you give me if I have difficulty?

The controller is incredibly easy to set-up. It’s plug-and-play. Simply plug it in, press the energy saving button and start saving.

Most people also choose the attach the controller to the wall of their pool shed. For a quick video on how to do this click here.

We’ll give you all the support you need to make sure you’re getting the best outcomes possible. If for any reason you’re not happy with the Simply Better controller, send it back to us and we’ll refund your money.

What's the warranty on the Simply Better controller? What  if things don't work out?

The warranty on the Simply Better controller is 3 years and the device is designed with harsh Australian conditions and longevity in mind.

The controller is sealed and uses an aluminium heat sink on the back to dissipate heat. This means there are no air inlets/outlets and no cooling fans.

So, the controller and has an IP65 rating. This means it has the highest rating possible for its resistance to ingress of dust or other solid particles. Plus, it is sufficiently waterproof against dripping, spraying or splashing water, as well as against water jets projected by a nozzle from any direction at the device. It’s more than weather proof.

The controller has no moving parts other than three stainless steel push-button switches that are rated for a million cycles. Typically, these buttons would be pressed only about 12 times a year, when you do a backwash for example.

If after receiving the Simply Better controller you decide it’s not right for you, and our help doesn’t easily change your opinion, then simply send the device back to us and we’ll refund your money.


How can I buy the controller? What are my purchasing options? 

So, we can deliver the controller to Aussie pool owners at the best possible price we’re only selling the controller direct online. This means we avoid all unnecessary costs like retailer mark-up which typically doubles the price of an item. You can buy it online here.


If you buy the Simply Better controller online and decide after taking receipt of it that it isn’t right for you, then send it back to us and we will refund your money.

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