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Absurdly easy and surprisingly significant - pool care cost savings for Aussie pool owners


With the simple addition of our pump controller and a once-only change to your pump run times you will:

Cut your pool pump's power consumption

by 50-85%. We guarantee it - click to see how.

Effortlessly protect our planet and lower your carbon footprint. Click to see the proof.

Longer pool equipment lifetimes and less breakdowns

Enjoy a crystal clear and sparkling clean pool

Make your noisy pool pump whisper quiet. Click to see detailed measures by UNSW.

 Be secure thanks to our "if you don't like it, return it" policy



Better matching of pump speeds to the specific needs of each unique pool will work for more than 90% of Aussie pools. With Simply Better you do not need to replace your current pump or wait for it to break to take advantage. As there isn't a single extra minute of pool upkeep workload you can now enjoy your pool more whilst spending less to maintain it. 

Answer ten quick questions online and we'll send you a free and tailored report explaining;

- How much your pool pump adds to your electricity bill every year,

- How your pool compares to other Aussie backyard pools,

-Exactly how much money you can save,

- And other useful insights.




Buy the Simply Better Pool Controller Online.

Delivery around Australia usually takes a week or less.

Then simply plug in your Controller and select the speed and pump running times we've recommended specifically for your pool.




Savings start immediately


The Controller automatically starts and stops each-day with the timers you use now, and on the same slower speed we've recommended for your pool.  So it's a once-only, set and forget change.

And you also have the security of our "don't like - return it" policy






Discover our shared research with UNSW

First, complete our Simply Better Online Pool Assessment in less than three minutes.


Then, our team reviews the information you've provided and emails you a PoolInsights report (sample here). Insights delivered for you will reflect your particular home, your unique pool and how you use and maintain it.    

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Once you plug in your pump speed controller you select with the press of a single button the everyday running speed we have determined is optimum for your pool pump. The Controller then automatically re-starts every-day with the timers you use now and on the same optimised and slower speed.

Thereafter, the only time you touch the the Controller is when you occasionally backwash your filter or if you ever manually vacuum your pool. These are the only times when you need higher speeds.

On top of the  savings from slowing the speed of your pump, we also provide you with tailored and specific guidelines on how long and when to run your pool pump. These are also once-off changes. The tailored guidelines are a significant advance on the typical imprecise advice offered by the conventional pool industry, and they increase your savings.


We've shown in researched that was conducted by the UNSW that these tailored guidelines often boost savings by a further 25%. Click here to see details

As the solution is so simple and works everywhere you can act with the security of our, "don't like it - return it" policy.



The Simply Better Pool Pump Controller is plug-and-play device that will match the speed of your current single speed pool pump to the particular needs of your pool. This matching increases efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of your pump by  50-85%.

With this plug-and-play Controller you no longer need to throw out your existing pump, or wait for your it to die to take advantage.


When you add the savings we deliver you by helping you optimise when and for how long you run the pump each day the benefits are even higher.

Purchase it now, plug it in and start saving immediately. You can act in confidence thanks to our "if you don't like it - return it" policy. 

$690 pricing includes GST and shipping

Pool Pump Speed Controller

Pool Pump Speed Controller




  • Don't throw out your existing pump

  • Don't wait till it wears out

  • Don't shop for, correctly size and buy  a new pump

  • Don't cut, glue, touch or handle pool pipework or plumbing

  • Don't find, wait for, or clean up after a pool guy who installs new pumps

Instead just;

  • Take our 3 minute survey

  • Order the simply better controller

  • Plug it in when it arrives

  • Press the single, slower speed button we've optimised for your pool

  • Start saving


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