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Simply Better Pool Savings

At Simply Better we’re a bit different…. we don’t build pools, were not your once a week, visit your home kind of ‘pool guy’, and we’re not a pool shop either. Instead, we offer a once-off service that matches the speed of your pool pump and it’s run times to the particular needs of your unique pool. Run your pool smart rather than hard – no more, no less… simply better. That’s our simple promise.

We’ve chosen to be different because we know that most pool pumps run way to fast - the equivalent of 150km in a 60km zone. Also, that they typically speed like this 99% of the time – ouch!


In fixing this crazy situation pool owners will  collectively reduce carbon emissions by over 1.5 million tonnes every year– that’s like taking over 300,000 cars of the road. Just by running our pools smarter. Now that would be Simply Better.


But mostly we’re different because business-as-usual in the pool industry isn’t making it happen - over 1 million pool owners are being left behind. Are you one of them?

So, imagine getting lower electricity bills without making lifestyle compromises. Imagine yourself effortlessly protecting our planet and enjoying sparkling clean pool water. Imagine pocketing big dollar savings and making surprisingly significant, risk free financial gain on a modest investment. All at the same time. Imagine someone made all of that absurdly easy - well that's what we're aiming to do. Simple, better, different - right? 

I hope you give our service a go and it’s so good that you tell your friends about it. Why not have another reason to to smile every time you catch a glimpse of your back yard swimming pool? Hope to see you poolside. Neil.

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